Monday, 8 October 2018

Personality Development Course for Management Students

Most management colleges have started personality development lectures for their students by giving a twist to regular lectures. While in some MBA colleges students are buried in their syllabus, students at other B-schools are getting lessons on personality development too. To do something different, interesting and also of use to the students, management colleges have started this practice. Students are now attending classes in confidence-building through speech-delivery and overall personality development. These classes are going on for students of all the years in the MBA colleges. Students participate in these kinds of practical sessions and moreover, students give very interesting feed-back. They really like these classes as they are getting ready for jobs through the use of these classes. B-schools should continue such sessions for the future batches as well. 

 It’s good to see students absorbing new developments and changes in their course curriculum so well. Management colleges conduct personality development programmes on learning skills, memory retention and recall, introspection and self-analysis, positive attitude, assertive behavior, communication skills, public speaking, discussion skills etc. in which students are given lessons on developing their all round personality. MBA course has emphasized the need of development of all round personality along with academic achievements as a major prerequisite. And, to fulfill this requirement B-schools are doing it well on their parts.

 Other prerequisite is that the learners should have complete knowledge of English since the students  take up this course at an advanced level and their interest  needs to be developed in participating actively in all role-plays, presentations etc. The Personality Development Course revolves around Theory with Practical implementation in day to day life. Assignments are based on theoretical part so as to understand how to write in more efficient way.  All the sessions start with the lecture, which in turn leads to develop confidence among students. This grooms a youngster, that’s why each and every MBA college has now decided to introduce personality development lessons for its students.

 This kind of new subject will focus on improving personality of the students and teaching the skills that would help them in succeeding in all spheres of life. Also, students get some relaxation by getting lessons on personality development besides their regular academic lectures. It is something different which is not only interesting but also of educative nature. The objective of the programme is to inculcate essential skills to enhance the employability of students in different companies and MNCs by developing the business writing and presentation skills in the management students. To build confidence in students, they should be clear about their own personality, character and future goals. 

As parents and teachers play an important role in shaping the future and inducing positive thoughts in the youth, they also contribute to positive development of personality in them by imparting these types of skills. Personality Development Course helps students in: Developing interpersonal skills, How to write reports, Develop Presentation skills and leadership quality and skills. Top management colleges have always been at the forefront of innovative teaching methods and this new feature just adds another feather to their cap....

Ms. Prabhjot Kaur
Assistant Professor,
Dept of Management Studies

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