Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Digitization trends in the news & media industry

Today the news and media industry are at the stage of transition. The way people devour news today has altered with digitization. Traditional newspapers and media platform are now looking at digital opportunity for revolution. The Media Industry is looking out ways to attract and retain its readership. People want news as it happens. Anything that is pertinent and significant to them should reach them in an immediate, anytime & anywhere. The technology trends are modifying the media landscape. Here is a glance to know as how the media industry can use digitization to reinvent itself:

Design in content layouts:
The reading habits of the people have changed with digital platforms. Today users spend most of the time online understanding and reading content on their tablet and mobile devices. Design thinking helps to generate digital news stage that can serve the wants of the readers. The layout of the news portal can be customized according to the reading behavior, lifestyle and preference of the users for information flow. The content layout for the news can be selected by users as per their chosen reading habits.

Digitized platform for news:
The digital platform can bring news updates spot on time. These platforms can be updated at a higher occurrence than traditional media platforms. The trending topics change rather frequently through the day and digital is the only way to stay modernized, updated and simplified with the users. The digital platform can give instant news updates to its consumers or users. The digital platform can also facilitate faster publishing & can reach a wide audience in real time.

Personalization of news & content:
When users contact the news portal, they can receive the contents adapted according to their penchant & history. The personalization of content is vital with so much information excess. The users can select the topics, categories, and even content basis from social media to get tailored news. They can also choose the news layouts that they desire.

Organising diversity in content:
The interactive content is central to keep the consumers engaged today. The media industry relies on many types of content for reaching the users. They use high-resolution videos, ariticles, graphic, ebooks/magazines, Info graphics, animations, polls etc. All this can be managed quite efficiently and successfully with an online platform.

Social sharing:
The digital newspapers can be produced for the users based on the subject of their interest and are topical in nature. Every user can get the personalized copy of the e-paper according to their liking. The users can also share this personalized copy of the newspapers using a web link on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, G+, Whatsapp etc. This creates a distinctive and persuasive social sharing experience.

The media companies are taking on digitization and design to meet the requirements of their consumers. Digitization has changed the way how content is selected, created, distributed and monetized. The digital technology has created prosperity of chance for media companies and does brought new avenues in the news and media industry.

Ms. Garima Malhotra
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Studies

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