Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Building : Teaching and learning

After a child crosses the threshold of his home ,the next best thing any pushy parents want for him is good education. The Republican party nominee for USA presidential election in 1940, Wendell L Willkie said : “Education is the mother of leadership” Also the Sanskrit said : “Avidyajeevanam sbunyam” meaning life without education is empty.- entails much truth in it and underlines the importance of education.as brick of foundation is to the building,education and learning is to human development. Better the foundation, stronger the building, that’s why most of the Indians pray before Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge – Tamso ma jyotirgmaya – lead me from darkness of ignorance to the light of Knowledge. Nelsoon Mandela south Africa  first democratically elected president, said : “Education is the most powerfull weapon which you can use to change the world. Human minds are instinctively inquisitive and it seeks answers to the questions it raises. Man wants to unlock the doors of mysteries and histories of the world.  And the secret of satiating this quest for answers is education that gives knowledge and knowledge has limitless power . Education has long lasting effects.The future of any society  or nation depends on the education of children.

Coming out of the shadows of his parents and crossing the threshold of his home , A child steps into the Temple of learning called school where teachers are ready to ignite the flame of knowledge in him.The parents who do not send their children to schools for education, Channakya , The mentor and advisor  of Emperor Chander gupt Maurya  said :


The English translation is – The father and mother , who do not send their children to school, are the enemies of their children. The uneducated look as awkward in any assembly as a stork amongst dainty  swans. Good Education is necessary  for a great nation and great teachers are necessary for good education. Behind all great people- Engineers, doctors, politicians, leaders, etc, are great teachers. A child is like a mystery box filled with unknown bits and pieces  of abilities and aptitudes. And the magician called teacher, unravels this mystery box. He knows where to hammer, where to pierce, where to push, where to pull the string and where to fix. He polishes , sharpens, repairs and joins these bits and pieces to make  a perfect specimen . A specimen that is going to be useful for the society and nation. In the process, he works like a potter who taps and slaps the clay to tern it into the best pot that can be made. Kabir the great Indian saint and poet , express the working of a teacher the best in the following lines. :

“guru kkumbhar siksh kumbh hai, gadhi gadhi kadhe khot
  Antar haat sahar de,bahar bahain chot.”

English translation :
            A teacher is a potter , pupil is a pot : the potter again and again shapes and reshapes  the  clay: he taps it from outsides carefully protecting its interior with support of the palm:

Dr. Hakimuddin Khan
Associate Professor
Dept of Management Studies

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