Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Geo-fencing Marketing”

Geo-fences are virtual fences or perimeter around the physical location. It detects when someone comes in or leaves a given region, when this happens it is possible to trigger events and actions such as sending a notification to the user’s mobile phones.

Lets understand how it works?As the user moves around a new position is calculated every now and then from a variety of different sources such as Wi-Fi, cellular data,GPS and Bluetooth beacons. In addition, the phone uses the updated position to check if the user has entered or left any of the geo-fences. This is in return triggers the corresponding user action.

As a marketer if you wish to know whether someone is walking in your store or is nearby. Google map and many other mapping devices gives you the services to geo-fence your identified area. After which your phone or App is actually mapping the customer in and out the store. Hence, geofencing can be used to target customers and their physical location allowing you to trigger right message, right campaign at the right time and right place. The benefits of geo-fencing helps in increasing your sales and loyalty, building in the marketer’s CRM data, influence purchase decision and many more benefits.

Dr. Manisha Gupta
Assistant Professor
(Department of Management Studies)

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