Sunday, 10 July 2016

Spirituality in Education

A student is inquisitive of asking many questions such as what am I going to do, what is the right path, how am I going to succeed etc.Also students now a days are in a state of imbalance between their internal and external aspects of lives, which ideally for a student is important to maintain; As per Lord Krishna’s lesson in Bhagwad Gita there exists a core relation between samskara (unconscious/internal) and Prakriti (conscious/external). A balance of the two leads to action that is karma ,which can be good or bad and this is the derivative of the attributes of an individual’s Samskara and Prakriti. In higher education in my view adding spiritual education as a small module would support the students towards their attitude building of exploring their commitment and identity of one’s life. Besides it would be a guidance for the development of students characters such character of ethic of caring, being compassionate, lead to charitable involvements, developing an attitude of social concern and also an emergence of knowledge and thoughtfulness to take effective decisions related to their education and career. As per my assessment I feel that there exists a positive association between spirituality and physical and mental well being, and this relationship has to be balanced by all of us especially among students as they have a strong inclination towards high ambitions especially in their aspirations of educational and occupational success. Besides the teachers mentoring for academics a spiritual guidance can help the students realize their goals.

Ms. Manisha Gupta
Assistant Professor
Department of Management Studies

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