Sunday, 10 July 2016

Career in IT Sector

Information technology is quite promising field in present scenario. IT sector is full of opportunities, specially when India has given a number of talented computer professionals to the world renowned computer companies. In India also, various IT companies are hiring large number of computer professionals. To become computer professional, one should have either BTech or BCA/ MCA degree. Various short term certification and diploma courses are also there, after graduation students can also opt for M.E/ M. Tech in computer science for further specialization. There are various job profiles in IT sector such as software engineer, system administration or hardware engineer.

Fresh graduates from engineering colleges get job offers from MNC IT companies. Apart from MNC IT graduates can get jobs in non IT sector also like universities, research, government departments, manufacturing sector and business organizations.

As there is boom in e-commerce, it has opened a number of doors to web developers and mobile application developer. One can also set up his own small scale IT business by developing small mobile applications.

Other areas in which an IT graduate can get job are animation and graphics design, software testing and cyber security.

The bottom line of all is that computer science continues to be a great choice of major of students, depending upon the caliber of student, there are number of opportunities in this sector.

Ms. Nisha Wadhawan
Assistant Professor
Deptt. of Management Studies

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