Thursday, 22 November 2018

Digital Milieu: The Changing Trends in Advertising

With the ongoing advancements and adoption of technologies along with the better penetration of internet, media landscape has been witnessing a tremendous change. In today’s scenario, media companies are investing huge amount of money in non-traditional media delivery options, start-ups are innovating and redefining how the content industry works. The consumers are also demanding and expecting access to content on any device at any time; the content not only includes media and entertainment content, but also corporate, social, marketing and personal media. Thus, a tectonic shift is happening in the media and content world that are going to irreversibly reshape how companies and consumers create, display, view and consume content.
This changing trend and the increasing competitiveness require the media giants, entrepreneurs and the start-ups to come up with user generated content to engage the viewers on digital platforms so that the traffic may increase on their apps or websites. This struggle is witnessed almost a similar one to that of getting TRPs of a channel which will eventually lead them to the revenue generation. The other areas that seems to be profitable for these entrepreneurs is that they can easily focus on brand awareness, market segmentation, customer satisfaction, consumer needs etc.
Trends in Digital Advertising)

 1) Video Advertising: The consumption of video content is increasing. It has been found that consumers are spending more time in watching videos. Considering its impact, they have found to be more impact ful in generating leads and conversions in e-Commerce industry.

 2)  Mobile Advertising: Researches have found that the consumption of Internet is more through mobile rather than desktops. Formulating marketing strategies towards mobile devices and smart phones is an absolute must. In 2018, over two-thirds of people have been using mobile devices for their everyday online usage. Therefore, sellers are trying to pitch the customers through mobile advertising.

3)  Personalization in Digital Content: Personalizing the digital content increases the opening rate of messages. This trend is widely being followed in Email Marketing and SMS Marketing. Organizations, these days, are working to build online experiences that provide engaging content, while remaining customized for each experience on an individual scale.

      4)  Interest Based Targeting: Digital platforms give opportunity to target the audiences based upon their interest, gender and demography. Organizations get the chance to bring together persons sharing the same interests known as affinity groups.

5)  Customized Budgeting: Digital Platforms provide opportunities to the organizations to set up their budget in a customized manner. They can set the budget on the basis of timings, geography and interest.

      Ms. Shruti Chopra Joshi
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Studies

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