Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A True Friendship

People often say that one should have many friends. If is often said that “One who is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or God. ”But in my opinion Ideal conversation is always checked among too many people. Natural and frank conversation is only possible between two close friends. But the friend should be a true friend, not a false designing, treacherous creature who becomes a friend to serve his own end and become a cancer to other people. Indeed a true friend is a divine gift. With a true friend, one can express  his griefs, joys, fears,and suspicions.True counsel can also be a solace for a bewildered mind.In ancient times kings, patrons, and great men greatly valued the true friendship.When they   like the qualities of the certain person, they used to raise his status, making him their equal.They enjoy his counsel and jokes.

“Akbar the Great” made Birbal rich and enjoyed his witty remarks.Bacon has said “Friendship improves happiness and abates misery.” Sweet words and an open house attract many friends. They eat your bread, drink your tea,and try to please you and pose as if they are your excellent advisers and well-wishers. So before making a friend one should judge them first. One should never be hasty in choosing a friend because generally such friends seek advantage for their own interests.They do not help one in adversity or trouble. As soon as their purpose is served they become indifferent and often turn your enemy and thus try to harm you. Be careful about such false friends.

“A friend who is your friend in need is a friend indeed “The famous English writer Addison has said that a false friend is a great defense. Friendship is a sheltering tree. Some people have the curious habit of changing friends.Never do that. Do not give up your old friends as it is said, “old is Gold “. Always welcome healthy criticism, If your friend has criticized you, Do not be angry, because it is for your own good.Do not break a bond of friendship. If you yourself have rebuked your friend for his short comings, do not be afraid. Try to reconcile with him at the first opportunity. Love your friends and be faithful to them. Do not betray your friend, as the quarrel with can be patched up, but there is no hope for a friend who has betrayed your secrets. No other relationship can give the solace which a true friend can give you.

The quality of a true friend is consistency and faithfulness. A friend must have virtue, knowledge and a sweet temper. Similarities of age and fortune should be actual quality of a true friend.A true friend is great boon imparted by the heaven.Try to recognize your true friend among numerous companions and make a few friends. Be careful about false flatterers, who will ruin as soon as you become weak and will certainly console you in the hour of distrust.

Dr. Hakimuddin Khan
Associate Professor
Dept. of Management Studies

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