Monday, 24 April 2017

Web Robots

A new disruptive wave of Bots (also known as web robots) is coming that is likely to disrupt web and mobile apps. Facebook opened up its messenger platform to developers for third party development of bots inside Facebook messenger and Facebook pages in April 2016.

We are also seeing Artificial Intelligence powered bots on popular platforms like Slack and even normal websites that are intended to save a lot of time. Apart from media agencies, cab booking platforms and others, bots are gaining popularity in the recruitment and selection process.

Venture Beat lists some of the most popular bots that are gaining popularity and disrupting the traditional hiring and selection process in a company. One of them is the recruitment chatbot Mya that automates 75% of the hiring process. It even provides an instant feedback if the candidate is missing any relevant or important information and ranks the candidates based on the factors specified.

Such bots are increasingly growing in the virtual space powered with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and Mya is not the only one to automate recruiting and hiring process. Some of them also include sharing tips for interviews, personality tests and resume screening and feedback.

This is just one example of how bots can help humans and bots in the HR sector are getting popular and smarter and are likely to simplify and strengthen the recruitment and selection process.

Ms. Smriti Dua
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Management Studies

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