Tuesday, 10 January 2017

MBA- The Key to Career Success

The most obvious factor in an MBA’s appeal to individuals wishing for a career change is the knowledge and job opportunities it offers. An MBA degree from the top B- schools will help the students in development of the skills, expertise and know how necessary to prosper on the new career path. Many business schools also help the students with networking by arranging trips with companies in the desired industry, during which they learn a lot about the operational aspects of business. Students also get a chance to interact with employees and develop valuable contacts.

Another aspect of the MBA that can help the students with their career swap is the MBA internship they are expected to complete over summer break. Most colleges assist their students in finding intern positions by hosting recruiter events or reserving MBA internships with various companies. This is a built-in feature of the MBA that provides the students with the experience they need in the desired field as well as a chance for a possible career in the company once they have earned their degrees. Many companies give priority to their pool of former interns when hiring new employees, so making a good impression during the MBA internship can go a long way.

Even if the students are interested to start their own business, an MBA degree can prepare everything from writing a business plan to acquiring venture capital to launching an IPO. MBA graduates enjoy lucrative job placements across the world. National and multinational companies always search for fresh and experienced MBAs with excellent academic record. If you’re not sure which career to pursue but know you need a change, business school is the perfect place to discover which industry is right for you. Networking and discussions with career counselors and second-year students, as well as school programs aimed at acquainting students with various industries can help the students narrow down their interests. Some schools these days are even offering online self assessments and group activities to assist incoming students in determining their career goals.  

Although having an MBA will impress potential employers, it is important to remember that business school won’t do all the work for students. While they may have enjoyed higher positions and salaries in their former field, they may have to settle for less as a newbie. Also, it is important to select the best MBA college n terms of curriculum, faculty, placement, location, and fee. The decision whether or not to pursue an MBA is a tough one. A serious thought should be given to the money and time involved. But for those who decide that getting an MBA is the path they wish to take, the degree might open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Ms. Karnica Tanwar
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Communication Studies

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