Monday, 22 August 2016

Quality of Websites

As web usage is growing daily the populations round the globe are coming nearer. With the arrival of World Wide internet as a colossal development, it's amazingly brought the globe nearer creating it a smaller thing to live in for its user. The quantity of persons seeking data and services on-line are increasing quickly in nearly each country of the globe. The people expect websites to avoid wasting their cash and time. The responsibility of the website developer is to create/design websites that are straightforward to use and are accessible to every sort of person. Implementing the straightforward principle of getting web site that works well and doesn’t confuse the user or get him annoyed, can facilitate to cut back the abandonment of the web site by visitors. However throughout the development phase of website, errors creep into the design of internet sites either internally or externally.

Evaluation is an organized determination of a subject's merit, price and significance, by using criteria ruled by a group of standards. Design, organization and simple use are necessary issues. Websites can offer helpful sources of information; but if they are slow to load and/or troublesome to navigate, search or scan, then their contribution or utility are going to be diminished. An efficient internet website style is one within which users are able to notice data quickly and in an exceedingly logical manner.

Do they visit the content you would like them to visit? Are they searching within the right places of your internet page? Are you able to get your user’s attention, or do they leave quickly?
It’s not with regards to the content either. If website’s design load slowly – or if moving from one section to a different takes in an extended time – it affects the user’s expertise and experience.

Things must be considered in web site design are as follows:
• is very important information being looked by the user?
• are the navigation and action things intuitive?
• is that the user being directed to sections in a logical way?
• is the website page load quickly enough to not withdraw the user?

Following parameters can be used to analyze the quality of websites:

1.      Total HTML
2.      Total Objects
3.      Total Images
4.      Total CSS
5.      Total Size (bytes)
6.      Total Script
7.      HTML Size  (bytes)
8.      Image Size (bytes)
9.      Script Size (bytes)
10.  CSS Size (bytes)
11.  Multimedia Size

The online tool “web Analyzer” can be used to analyze the websites because it provides a detailed analysis of the websites tested and therefore the areas that require to be improved. The websites contains a serious accessibility downside. There is associate imperative got to improve the total size, minimize the amount of external objects, size of pictures used etc. to create e-government websites to be simpler, extremely user-centric, effective and simple accessible for the users.

Ms. Poonam Malik
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Management Studies

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